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About Us

 “BOTANICAL BLESSINGS” produces nourishing plant-based skin and hair care. By organically growing, carefully tending and harvesting our herbs, we bring a range of hand-crafted botanical products from our farm to you.

Oshya Busch, founder, grower and formulator of Botanical Blessings is dedicated to creating each product by using infusions of specially selected herbs that strengthen and enhance the skin's natural beauty. Oshya deeply respects the healing benefits of herbs and the power of pure, vital botanicals.

Established in 1999 Botanical Blessings has been committed to creating and providing wholesome skin care of the highest standard. Our farm is located on the sunny, beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia and is our constant source of inspiration. We thoughtfully select from Australian suppliers natural and certified organic ingredients to complement our own handcrafted ingredients. Each product is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and carries the Australian Toxic Free certification giving you optimum botanical nourishment and peace of mind.

Being part of nature our skin transitions through its own cycles and changes. By accepting this we learn to age gracefully. Nourishing our skin with pure and healthy products enables us to rejuvenate naturally with botanical blessings.